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Health care costs are rising, and employers are cutting back on the medical services they offer to their employees. One of the few ways to cut out-of-pocket medical expenses is to use flexible spending accounts.

If you have plans to attend an upcoming school leaving ceremony, you can rest assured that you will be sitting in the front row. The Campus Store at Centennial Center provides employees with access to a wide range of apparel, accessories and other items. Employees will receive a photo ID that entitles them to unlimited use of the Everett Cattell Library. Season tickets are sent to Malone's staff for on-campus sports events such as football, basketball, volleyball and baseball.

Memberships and information on this service can be obtained by contacting the Credit Union office located on the second floor of the North Canton Union Building on the corner of East Main Street and West Main Avenue. To make an appointment, please contact the Public Relations Office at (330) 684-5555 or Debbie Dalton's office. If you are a school bus driver, you can contact Debbie and Dalton for more information on training and education requirements.

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All workers, including part-time workers, are protected in the workplace by the Ohio Workers' Compensation Act. We offer all employees a generous paid time-out program that can be used at will.

If elected, we expect you to contribute 5% of your gross income on a pre-tax basis. Our plan allows us to pay for our employees "health insurance through a 401 (k) plan paid for in pre-tax dollars.

The PPO has 90 / 10 network coverage and 80 / 20 network coverage with a high excess. Other services include certified delivery of prescription drugs, dentistry, eyesight, mental health and physical therapy.

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The Stark County Educational Service Center is located at 6057 Strip Ave., Stark, Ohio. We do not accept cash and you should make all payments in cash, cheques, credit cards or other forms of money transfer.

Morning and afternoon sub-positions are available to fit your schedule and we offer competitive pay for this very important position. Working as a temporary worker gives you the opportunity to get to know the district better and to work with our employees. Many temporary staff are hired for permanent employment after staff, principals and supervisors learn their skills and abilities first-hand. If you are interested in becoming a classified substitute, please complete an application for the Stark County Educational Service Center Substitute Program.

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