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Canton, Ohio is best known for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but believe it or not, there is much more to do in the state of Ohio. We all agree that Cantons are Hall-of-Fame City, and we all know that it's just one of the many fun things you can do in and around Cant in Ohio.

We also have a significant amount of local outdoor activities and some of the best in the western North Canton offer our guests friendly golf packages. Speaking of outdoor activities, we have many great golf courses in the area, such as the Western Ohio Golf Course. The best of them is the Great Lakes Golf Club with golf course, golf club and golf shop.

The North Canton, Ohio Golf Package offers a golf course, golf club and golf shop, as well as access to the Great Lakes Golf Club. The park also runs from Cleveland to Akron and is one of the most scenic and scenic routes in Ohio. It is a journey of a lifetime when you take advantage of the many great golf courses, parks, hiking trails and outdoor activities in this great area.

Tourists can plan their trip to the North Canton, Ohio Golf Package with access to golf courses, golf clubs and golf shops, as well as the Great Lakes Golf Club on the golf course.

One of the best ways to explore the locals is the Canton Food Tour, and we urge you to register to pick up some of their delicious food and drinks. Cantons Food Tours offer a variety of tours where guests can visit and experience the many different gastronomic offerings of the city. The tours can be great - for any taste group, but we have numerous restaurants that speak individual tastes and funky styles. In addition, the Canton of Arts and the Canton of Zurich are working together to bring the annual "Cantonal Food Festival" and the North Cantonal Food Festival to the municipality.

The museum is supported by the Canton and the University of Zurich as well as other local universities and colleges. Financial scholarships are awarded to students of the arts, humanities, literature, history, natural sciences, mathematics and social sciences.

This summer, children ages 2 to 12 can forget about a Pigskin Pals membership that includes discounted tickets to various attractions including the Canton Museum of Art, Ohio State University and the University of Zurich. You will have to drive about 15 minutes outside the city, but you will be happy to do so and you can visit the museum and other attractions at any time of the day and night, for free admission. Canton attractions include the National Park Service, Lake Erie National Wildlife Refuge, Cleveland Zoo, Ohio Zoo and Cleveland Botanical Garden.

The Ohio Nickel Plate Trail runs from this point to a point south of Georgetown Road. US Route 62 connects Canton with the Ohio State University campus and the Cleveland Zoo and Cleveland Botanical Garden in the east of the city.

The park is located mainly north of Canton and follows the Ohio River and its tributaries into Lake Erie and the Cleveland River. The Canal Byway stretches south of the city of Akron, Ohio, along the canal to the east and west, and north from Akron to Cleveland, stretching from Lake Erie to downtown Cleveland. Cantons can be connected to the Interstate Highway System via Interstate 77, connecting them to Akron and Cleveland in the north, and to New York City and New Jersey. It is mainly accessible via I-77, which connects Akron in Cleveland to the south, runs through New Philadelphia and Marietta, Ohio to the south, and finally runs through West Virginia and the Carolinas.

The North Chagrin Reservation Purpose Trail is a two-mile route that crosses the northeastern outskirts of Cleveland, north of the Ohio River and Lake Erie, and the city of Canton. Although there is not enough space for hiking, we should not forget the New Philadelphia Towpath Trail, which starts in New Philadelphia and winds its way to Lake Ontario and then on to New York City and New Jersey and winds around Lake Cleveland.

The canton itself is divided by Market Avenue, which divides into E and W, and it is bounded by the lake. N.S.: The North Chagrin Reservation Purpose Trail and the New Philadelphia Towpath Trail as well as Lake Erie Trail.

The Canton City School District serves the Canton K-12 students, with students north of 17th Street NW overlapping with the local Plain School District. The system extends into Stark County, but is not shared by the Plain local school district, which has its own internal address network. Cantons Country Day School is a private PreK-8 school located on the north side of Market Avenue, south of the Cuyahoga County city limits.

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More About North Canton