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In 2013, the local association of the northern canton will once again publish a new exhibition on the history of the four oldest churches in the city, this time as a fundraiser for its annual Christmas party. The new exhibits, which will be on display in a special exhibition at the museum's Main Street Gallery, will tell the story of each of the country's four ancient churches. Visitors to the exhibition will learn about the eight churches in the northern canton that once shared a single building. Originally there were two German-speaking congregations that came into being under one roof, the Lutheran Church of St. Paul and the First Baptist Church.

The farm is still a dairy farm, selling bottles of milk bearing the name PoHeJa. The company opened its first retail store in the early 1990s and a few months later another location in a shopping centre in Canton. Ron Mapp managed the estate of his father-in-law, the late John M app, before moving to the northern cantons to manage it.

When Mary was admitted to the Stark County Wall of Fame in 2002, she was recognized as one of the country's greatest citizens. In 1918, the village of Neu-Berlin was granted the right to change its name to North Canton. McKinley, who was born in Niles, first practiced in cantons in 1867 and was district attorney in Stark County from 1869 to 1871. He was selected for his service in the US Army in World War I and the Civil War and was elected to the Ohio Supreme Court in 1919.

The northern canton was originally called Neu Berlin, but was changed in 1918 due to the negative German attitude. In a move that seemed superficially motivated by a desire to avoid associating itself with "German aggression" in Europe, the village of Neu-Berlin (pronounced "Burlin") changed its name to Northern Canton in 1919.

The Canton Daily News in its January 1919 issue headlined an article about the name change: "Canton changes its name from New Berlin to Northern Canton. In addition, the editorial offices of the newspaper and the local newspaper have published extensive stories and editorials about the name change.

The cantonal dailies in their January issue 1919, "Canton changes name from New Berlin to Northern Cantons": "The name changes from Northern Canton to Northern Canton.

Westfield Belden Village Mall is located off Interstate 77 at 4230 and Canton is bounded to the east and west by the Ohio River, Lake Erie, Cleveland River and Detroit River.

North Canton can be reached mainly via I-77, which connects Akron to Cleveland in the north, passes through the city and eventually runs through West Virginia and the Carolinas.

The Continental Airlines and Cleveland Airport hub, combined with an approximately one-hour drive, is a convenient way to visit North Canton. It is also connected to the Interstate Highway System in both directions with Interstate 77 connecting it to the Ohio State Highway System and Cleveland International Airport in the south.

The only incorporated village in the community is Hills & Dales, which has a unique history and position in Stark County. It was founded in March 1815 and named after the German-English settlers who immigrated to the area from Pennsylvania. This system covers the entire Stark district and is not shared by other municipalities, each of which has its own internal address network.

After the first minor league charter was issued to players west of the Allegheny Mountains, the northern canton was allowed to play under its umbrella. In 1937, it owned District 4 for the first time since winning the championship. Tightening his belt did not stop the city's first mayor, Nocahi "Bud" Nohr, and his family from starting a basketball team that won the Ohio championship in 1939, as well as a football and baseball team.

One of the first Little League games ever played in Ohio was a North Canton team, and the tournament has since called North Canton home. In July 1999, the South Central Ohio Junior League, a division of the Ohio Junior Baseball Association, hosted the "Hometown" tournament in District 4. Two days of rain washed out all other contests scheduled for North Stark County to claim the honor. Since its inception in the mid-1950s, North - Cant on Little has dominated Ohio's competition, winning at least one title in a single state each season. The north of the canton hosts the annual state tournament, where the top 10 junior teams meet to determine a regional champion and a regional championship.

The name of the new Berlin was astigmaa in the canton of Occident in 1917, but the city of apatriotica was claimed by the cantonal dailies in 1924, and it changed its name to New Berlin.

The village was founded on February 19, 1831, and the surveyor who had divided the land for the city named it Canton, the traditional name of Guangzhou, China. New Berlinas plat is located just six miles north of the cantons and at the intersection of Main Street and Main Avenue in the village, south of Interstate 75, near today's downtown.

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More About North Canton