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A Stark County restaurant is preparing to reopen after two TD Tailgate Grill locations opened in the northern part of the state, where the restaurant and bar will serve its guests on May 15. In a sense, the courtyard will open on May 14, as will the dining room and adapted seating, and the restaurant with adapted seating will open on May 21, according to a press release.

There will be wicker partitions between stands and tables that will be further apart, and colored tiles could replace the tape and stickers that many restaurants use to remind people to stand six feet apart.

Michelin-starred chef Dante Boccuzzi has worked with manufacturers to build portable acrylic and glass partitions for his restaurant. The restaurant would have dozens of partitions to create a safe and comfortable environment, he told CNN.

Summers expects more restaurants to have open sinks in the future so diners can see staff washing their hands regularly. Restaurants are considering upgrading their heating and air conditioning systems, installing automatic doors so restaurants don't have to squeeze in and out of each other, and even potentially have separate entrances and exits, he said. With redesigned ovens, the tables would sit at tables, DiPietro said, but not in the same space as the kitchen. They had already complied with the health department's high hygiene standards and operating requirements, she noted, even if they worked in a high-temperature environment like a restaurant without air conditioning.

Summers doesn't believe that customers wait for hours to get their drinks at the bar or even at the restaurant itself, but rather at the counter.

The unusual, socially-distanced solution is in Boccuzzi's Twist, which reopens in June, as long as sitting is allowed. Inside, service, including meals, is not allowed at the restaurant due to the need for security, but Shapiro said, "I don't really know if the appetite is so strong that customers will come back for another visit. "I could have opened earlier in the first week of June and waited for the guests to come to my restaurant," he said.

DeWine isn't sure how Sparta's seating arrangements and capacity will change, but he's optimistic about the restaurant's future.

Margaritakis, who is president of the Tri-County Restaurant Association, said: "The sale helps pay the bills, but it's a hardship for the restaurant industry and a hardship for everyone. He is grateful for the support he received from Carryout customers during the COVID 19 shutdown. Carryouts have increased in North Canton and other parts of Ohio.

The Sparta Dining Room, which closed in mid-March, has evolved from a full-service venue to a go-to place, but Boccuzzi said there has been a big demand. Michelin - Michelin starred chef and co-owner of the restaurant - also went out of business after selling the division to other restaurants. He sold the partitions to other restaurants, and his business went under after the sale.

In Twisted, tables are rearranged so that guests can sit together without having to sit on the long communal benches that run along one wall of the restaurant. Shapiro said he took shower curtains from Twisted to make them easy for customers to disinfect, and they run all the way from the kitchen to the dining room and back to the bar. The tables have also been rearranged to face a wall to limit contact between the parties, but that's because the parties must sit in the same room as they sit on a long, shared bench that runs along the one-wall restaurant, he said.

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